Over 220 years ago a small group of sturdy pioneers established Williamstown, Vermont.  We are the descendants, some by blood, others by choice, of those hardy souls.  Our church building has been rebuilt a few times, sometimes out of ambition and sometimes out of the rubble of ashes, and the present congregation is now caretaking a beautiful, traditional New England structure which includes a fully rebuilt tracker organ.

Our heritage is classically Protestant - both Congregational and Methodist traditions infuse our faith.  We accept many diverse theological views because we believe that love is the main thing.  There are fundamentals we agree on -  the existence of God, the privilege of following Jesus Christ on the path of love and compassion, and the mysterious power which we call the Holy Spirit.  Beyond that we have found room for all kinds of political and philosophical beliefs.  It is in our diversity that we experience unconditional love and acceptance.  

We are a small congregation, approx. 40 in attendance on most Sunday mornings.  Worship is the center of our life together (and coffee hour afterwards).  Our worship can be described as casual sacred.  There is a structure and there is a casual, relaxed feeling.  We have communion on the first Sunday of the month, a choir, children’s sermons, Sunday school which begins about 10:15, prayer and of course singing.